Ultranet: $240 million wasted

Ultranet, IBAC, Education Department, Stephen O’Bryan

The Ultranet, an online portal was scrapped in 2013 due to a cost blow out.  The portal was meant to connect students, teachers and parents.  It is believed to have cost the taxpayer between $127 and $240 million.  The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) investigation not only found evidence of corruption and conflict of interest in senior levels of the Education Department, they also found that senior officers within the Education Department had shares in the company providing the technology.

The IBAC Commissioner Stephen O’Bryan QC said, all involved have either been dismissed or resigned from the Education Department.  “Taken singly, many of the actions and behaviours by these public servants would be of concern.  Taken together, they show a disturbing pattern of improper behaviour.”

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