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Teaching Jobs may be regularly advertised, but there is also a large array of teachers applying for them.  Making you stand out from the rest is imperative.  Your application will have the best opportunity of being considered if you ensure that you are seeking jobs that you are most suited for with a tailored application for each one. ETA provides a FREE resource titled:

How to Write a Job Application Cover Letter

How to Write a Successful Job Application

ETA also offers a professional Job Application Template Kit with all four components.

1. Application for Teacher Position Cover Letter

2. Professional Practice Job Application Criteria Examples

3. Priorities of Learning Teaching - Component Map

4. Annual Review - Performance Development Stage 1 & 2

5. ETA Job Application Template Kit with all four (4) components

Boosting your employment prospects can be ensured in a variety of ways.  First and foremost, the school that you carried out your practical placements is an excellent place to start.  Carry on your relationships that were built with other staff members during that time, as they will be able to notify you of any up and coming positions available at the school.  They will also be great referees for your time spent in the classroom.

Applying for positions that are generally more difficult to fill, such as teaching in rural or socio economically disadvantaged areas gives you a broader playing field.  Gaining experience under these circumstances can be hugely rewarding, and give you skills that you may not have necessarily acquired in better resourced, metropolitan schools.

Preparing an outstanding application is your first opportunity to show the interview panel what you have to offer.  Raising their interest will ensure that you are called back for the next level of interviews. has provided a FREE resource titled:

Preparing for the Interview Process

This resource provides interview preparation and tips to make the best impression. ETA’s Teacher Job Interview resource assists in the providing teachers with questions asked by school management during the interview stage.

Teacher Job Interview Questions

This resource was structured by experienced teachers who have been interviewed for senior appointments and were also on interview panels.







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