Casual Relief Teaching Jobs: Quickfix Classroom  Management  Resources, Substitute Supply Teacher Tips Student Discipline, Secondary Primary School Effective Classroom Strategies

Casual Relief Teaching Jobs: Quickfix Classroom Management

Casual Relief Teaching Jobs: Quickfix Classroom  Management  Resources, Substitute Supply Teacher Tips Student Discipline, Secondary Primary School Effective Classroom Strategies


Enter classroom before the commencement of the lesson if possible. 


Write your name on the right hand side of the board.

Have a note handy requesting disciplinary measures for misbehaviour and include that three warnings were provided to the student to correct their behaviour (attached below).

Write the following on the left hand side of the board:

 Principal: [Name]

Assistant Principal: [Name]

Year Level Coordinator: [Name]

In the middle of the board write instructions for the lesson.

 E.g.  English text, page 4, exercises 1 to 7.

When students have entered the classroom and are seated mention the following phrase whilst holding a folder / clipboard;

Hello, my name is [               ] and I am your teacher for today. I have been provided with instructions on today’s lesson and your teacher expects the work to be completed.

“This is a class list. Your Principal has the right to enter the classroom without notice and be provided with a class list outlining your work standards, effort and behaviour. I will be completing this report for the duration of the class and will provide a copy on request. Your teacher will also get a copy of this document and it may be placed in your individual file for future reference with all the other reports.”

“Your Year Level Coordinator is also responsible for making sure you comply with your school’s uniform code, academic and welfare issues. They are also responsible for reporting incidents and contacting your parents / guardians if you do not abide by the school’s expected student conduct policy. I am here to assist you in completing your teacher’s work and at the end of class will be collecting and returning your work to your teacher.” 

Ask the students to commence work and mention:

“I will be going around placing my initials at the top of your page and every so often I will be checking progress. I will also record this information on the class list, next to your name, so your teacher is aware of your effort.  If you require assistance please do not hesitate to ask me. “


When a teacher encounters misbehaviour:

Provide at least three warnings before referring students to the Principal and/or Year Level Coordinator. Refer directly to the school’s handbook on discipline policy where appropriate (usually noted in the student’s official school diary). 

Utilise the prepared INCIDENT REPORT requesting disciplinary measures for misbehaviour as included below.  



                                                                INCIDENT REPORT


Date:                                                                                               Time:


Name of student:

Year Level:                                                                                   Period:

Subject:                                                                                         Room No.

Incident: [Include specific behaviour, precise comments & language]


Teacher’s classroom management practices:

Three warnings have been provided and a detailed explanation to the student of how their behaviour is affecting the overall learning environment of the classroom.  The student refuses to acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions. Please evaluate the student’s behaviour as included above and apply the appropriate discipline requirements as outlined in your school’s charter & welfare priorities.


Immediate Principal / Leading teacher intervention is required within the classroom.

                                                                     Yes / No

                                                                      (Please circle)


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