Casual Relief Teaching: Satisfying Key Selection Criteria in Job Applications

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Successfully obtaining a teaching appointment depends on a variety of factors: experience, teaching methodology, fluency in a foreign language, an awareness of the community’s cultural factors, and any additional qualifications and skills that you can bring into the educational environment to foster and encourage a respectful learning atmosphere.

Many teachers commence their career by being proactive in sending out resumes and contacting school management expressing an interest for Emergency Teacher / CRT (Casual Relief Teacher) employment. Networking skills and conducting teaching duties to the utmost professional level establishes a worthy reputation, leading to longer contracts and eventually ongoing employment status.

Sending out bulk resumes on a monthly basis is expensive and takes hours of preparation. There is no guarantee that your resume is received by the principal or daily organiser or will be filed for future reference. Emergency Teachers Australia Online (ETA) has subscriber schools contacting teachers directly in accordance to their requirements. As a BONUS incentive ETA staff forward your details to 3,500 schools according to your preferred regions and school management receive your details via email every Monday morning! You are guaranteed that your details can be accessed instantly by key management personnel when vacancies become available.

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At Emergency Teachers we get you connected to the right people, online, every time. Using our employment referral service connect your school / childcare centre now to send out multiple job offers via email, SMS or phone and receive a Job Acceptance Response instantly. provides an extensive Online Teacher & Childcare Staff Profile selection containing specialist and generalist personnel. Our Micro Quick Profile system creates your favourite casual staff list. Our unique Performance Rating feature provides you with quality assurance via Online Reference reports completed by previous employers. Utilise Emergency Teachers Australia's Job Listing Service, which allows you unlimited job postings throughout the year. Click here to register online and discover the benefits of a world class service.

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  What is Emergency Teachers Australia?

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How to Get a Teaching Job

How to Write a Teacher Job Application Cover Letter

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