Teaching Job Application Example, Template Teachers Jobs Cover Letter, Classroom Teaching Practice, Teacher Resume Resources

How to Write Job Applications for Teaching Jobs

Teaching Job Application Example, Template Teachers Jobs Cover Letter, Classroom Teaching Practice, Teacher Resume Resources
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Successful job applications contain knowledge and information on: Classroom Teaching Practices, Curriculum Development & Professional Practice, Key Learning Areas, Assessment and Reporting, College and Community Relationships, College Development.

It is vital to answer the criteria as outlined in the position description. A professional Job Application is informative, concise and contains the appropriate grammatical structure. Key words and terminologies as utilised within the education sector demonstrates an awareness of current educational initiatives and departmental procedures.

Your application should reflect your skills, capabilities and any additional attributes that separates your application from the other candidates.

You must provide evidence by utilising examples to demonstrate how you have successfully fulfilled each criterion.

The job application process is a formal procedure and the preparation and structure of the document in most cases, according to the seniority of the position, requires specialist consultation with experienced educators. You are required to revise and modify the contents of each criterion as outlined for each new position description.

The four essential criterions are listed as:


Demonstrate high quality teaching skills which enable all students to achieve their maximum learning potential.

Classroom management.

Assessing and reporting methodology.


Demonstrate high level of knowledge of Key Learning Areas concerning the way students learn.


Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain constructive and proactive relationships with students, staff and members of the wider community promoting positive attitudes to learning.


Demonstrated commitment and capacity to actively participate in school wide priorities as a team member working within a collaborative approach.

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