How to Write Modified Student Reports

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Alternative Program in English (VCAL)

Name: Samantha                                                                                                                                                              Form: 11V

Learning Goals

The learning goals included the understanding and application of key literacy concepts. Focus was applied on reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and oral communication skill development. Her concentration was directed on basic sentence structure formation, spelling, punctuation and utilising the dictionary. A major focus was also applied in building her confidence in using language to convey meaning through oral presentations and group discussions.

What Samantha has achieved

Samantha has been working on a modified program where the work requirements have been modified and/or completed with the help of an Aide and the classroom teacher. A variety of writing folio pieces were completed; Text study, imaginative, instructional, issue based. Text study and wide reading was accomplished at a basic level. Samantha completed an investigative research project on creating a Melbourne travel brochure at a high standard. Her wide reading component consisted of reading at the commencement of every lesson and completing an oral book report on a weekly basis. Samantha is currently reading Fame School by Cindy Jefferies. She has also completed a self evaluation reflective journal based on her weekly experiences and the learning taking place on an ongoing basis. She was able to express her thoughts and successes in a weekly written and verbal report in an adequate manner. Letter writing, job application formats and interview techniques were adequately completed in the literacy career preparation component. Samantha utilised the English Skills Builder text and completed units in comprehension, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. 

Areas for improvement/future learning

Samantha needs to concentrate on basic reading, writing and communicating skills. She is advised to take more care when proofreading her written work for spelling and punctuation.

What you can do at home to help Samantha’s progress

Samantha’s current literacy level has increased significantly. I recommend she continues wide reading at home and this will reinforce the correct application of words and overall improvement in sentence structure. Samantha should continue expanding her knowledge on topics covered in class by engaging in conversation with peers, family and friends.


Assessment of Student Progress                                                                            Very Good                     

Student Progress is assessed using the following scale:


Excellent Progress / Very Good Progress / Good Progress / Satisfactory Progress /  Little Progress / No Progress



Uses class time effectively

      Very Good

Listens to instructions

        Very Good

Completes homework


Behaves appropriately

        Very Good

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