How to Write a Polt Component Map (Teacher Professional Development / Practice)

How to Write a Polt Component Map, PD Teacher Resources, Professional Practice, Teaching Career Resources


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POLT COMPONENT MAP                                                          

1.1 Positive relationships through knowing and valuing students.


  • Activity based project / exercise to discover student interests or hobbies.
  • Activities emphasizing past school projects / exercises that students found enjoyable directly incorporating interests / hobbies.
  • Planning future multiple intelligence worksheets based upon student preference in relation to interests and abilities.
  • Forming productive relationships by emphasizing and promoting a reward pattern in acknowledging student achievement.


1.2 The teacher promotes a culture of value and respect for individuals and their communities.


  • Implement values and respect factors by continually re enforcing acceptable behaviour within the classroom. This includes abiding by the classroom set of rules as discussed and implemented by the class. ( Fishbone evaluation sheets )
  • Utilise the Raymond Lewis approach in conducting professional conduct in an engaging peaceful teaching environment without intimidating behaviour.
  • Acknowledge that each student derives from different cultural backgrounds and changing family situations, therefore treating each situation as individual.
  • Continue to correct inappropriate behaviour by providing explanations on the disadvantageous effects caused by inappropriate behaviour.


1.3 The teacher uses strategies that promote students’ self confidence and willingness to take risks with learning.


  • Utilise established units of work that incorporate VELS and multiple intelligence worksheets that have been trialed and proven successful.
  • Reward students by complementing and allowing the show and tell approach.
  • Emphasis the learning that has been taking place from each student objective, deriving from the individual project.
  • Promote the excellent work by placing the work on display boards throughout the school and in the form group’s main classroom.


1.4      The teacher ensures each student experiences success through structured support, valuing of effort and recognition of their work.


  • Keeping precise records of up to date achievement and providing continual acknowledgment on successful work practices, emphasizing effort and persistence as the main key to success.
  • Acknowledging student achievement as a group by emphasizing a multi faceted approach regarding student capabilities / success. Praising class effort as an overall group, rather than individual acknowledgment.
  • Provide individual student assistance by noting areas requiring improvement and suggesting a variety of strategies to improve the overall standard.
  • Self evaluation: student worksheets provide a consistent indication of progress, allowing students an insight into individual performance. This is a record of goals successfully achieved and allows for growth and future planning in specific areas requiring attention.



















How to Write a Polt Component Map, PD Teacher Resources, Professional Practice, Teaching Career Resources



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