How to Write a Teacher Reference for Student Course Applications

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                                                               EXAMPLE ONLY


To whom it may concern,

John Smith was a student in my Year 12 English class and I have taught him for various subjects throughout his secondary education.

John is a diligent worker, applying concentration and effort to achieve the very best in all tasks attempted. He listened attentively in class and completed assessment tasks with comprehensive research indicating excellent knowledge of course contents.

He has contributed in debates and topic discussions and was a valued member of class.

John always completed work assessment tasks by the due date and often requested my assistance to evaluate and peruse rough drafts before submitting the final essay and / or assignment.

He has a cheerful, outgoing personality and always tries to establish positive relationships with fellow students and teachers.

I would highly recommend him as a pleasant, responsible and hardworking applicant worthy of being accepted into any course he wishes to pursue.

John would be an asset to any educational institution that provides him with the opportunity to enhance his learning potential.           


Yours Sincerely,

English Faculty Coordinator

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