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How to Write a Teacher’s Aide / Integration / Literacy Assistant Reference - Template

How to Write a Teachers Aide Reference, Template Example, Literacy Integration Teaching Assistance, Example Writing School Staff References Education,


                                 EXAMPLE ONLY

To whom it may concern,

{Name of Staff} has been employed as an  integration / literacy aide to assist with groups and / or individual with educational and social / welfare requirements as included in {Name of School} charter priorities.

It is clearly obvious by her services offered in my English classes that all daily duties are planned and accomplished in a methodical manner where thought and insight is evident.  

{Name of Staff}  patient  and calm demeanor places students at ease when requiring assistance. She has the ability to easily establish a trusting relationship with students and they often approach her when encountering difficulty in the classroom. An encouraging atmosphere to seek assistance as required is valued by the students in the class.

Her pleasant and cheerful approach is evident when interacting with staff and students in relation to conversing information concerning student needs relating to special literacy programs and whole school literacy / social and welfare program initiatives.  

I utilise the John Monroe literacy strategies in my English classes and {Name of Staff} always abides by the necessary literacy methodologies in order to establish consistency and monitored progress with the students under her care. She usually assists three students in the classroom and directs additional effort during lunchtime and after hours when necessary.

In the last  {duration} I have known her to be a trusting, honest, cooperative and hard working teacher’s aide. I highly recommend her as an excellent employee who would be an asset to any school wishing to employ an experienced and dedicated teacher’s aide.             

Yours sincerely,

English teacher

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