How to Write Teaching Job Application, Teacher Jobs Cover Letter, Teachers Resume, Teaching Job Application Template Example,

How to Write a Teaching Job Application Cover Letter

How to Write Teaching Job Application, Teacher Jobs Cover Letter, Teachers Resume, Teaching Job Application Template Example,


How to Write a Job Application Cover Letter








Your application cover letter should reflect your skills, capabilities and any additional attributes that separates your application from the other candidates.

A professional cover letter is informative, concise and contains the appropriate grammatical structure. Key words and terminologies as utilised within the education sector demonstrates an awareness of current educational initiatives and departmental procedures.


1st Paragraph

  • Vacancy position, date of advertisement and publication source.


2nd Paragraph

  • Qualifications and units / subjects completed relevant to position.


3rd Paragraph

  • Teaching experience and assorted positions of responsibilities at different educational institutions.
  • Include positive comments of increased skills and knowledge on current educational issues awareness covering academic, welfare and social factors.
  • Provide an example of a successful program initiative on an individual basis and team environment.  
  • List all literacy and numeracy program experience e.g. High Performance Literacy Skills, THRASS.
  • List all classroom management program awareness e.g. Raymond Lewis  
  • Attendance and contribution to professional development courses can be included to emphasise overall attainment of knowledge in direct relevance to the outlined position and school wide educational initiatives.
  • Describe your personal teaching methodology in the classroom and how this process is effective on an individual and group level within a mixed ability classroom.


4th Paragraph

  • Future goals.
  • Skills that will effectively enhance the educational experience (Academic, Social, Welfare) of students attending the educational institution.
  • Experience and skills that will increase the educational experience of each student in accordance with the institution’s charter priority goals.


5th Paragraph


  • Request an interview.
  • State availability dates and time.
  • Provide contact details.





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