Student Report Writing Example, Alternative English Program Report, Secondary School Student Report, English EAL ESL Report

   Student Modified Report Example 1.

Alternative Program in English

Teacher: Mr Jones

Name: Bobby K.                                                                                                                                                                        Form: 8C

Learning Goals

The learning goals included the understanding and application of key literacy skills. Focus was applied on reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, oral communication, basic sentence structure formation and utilising the dictionary. A major focus was also building confidence in using language to convey meaning through oral presentations and group discussions.

What Bobby has achieved

Bobby has been working on a program where the work requirements have been modified and/or completed with the help of an Aide and the classroom teacher. A variety of writing folio pieces was completed: Text study, imaginative, instructional, issue-based. Text study and wide reading were accomplished at a very basic level. Bobby structured and prepared the rough draft for his Photo Story investigative research project. His wide reading component consisted of reading at the commencement of every lesson and completing an oral book report on a weekly basis.

Areas for improvement/future learning

Bobby needs to concentrate on basic reading, writing and oral communication skills. He needs to take more care when proofreading his written work to correct spelling and punctuation. Bobby is encouraged to pay attention and listen carefully to instructions. Greater self-discipline, attention to instruction and management of time will help his progress. Bobby’s organisational skills need improvement to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. Greater use of the Study Planner will allow for sufficient time to complete homework and major assignments to an acceptable standard.

His results indicate that an improvement is required by preparing more consistently and thoroughly before submitting his work for assessment. He should focus on improving the legibility of his writing, as at times it can be difficult to read. Bobby can improve by being prepared to ask more questions when unsure of any aspect of the course or the assessment tasks.

What you can do at home to help Bobby’s progress

Bobby can continue expanding his knowledge on topics covered in class by engaging in conversation with peers, family and friends. He has established an adequate knowledge base and it would be beneficial to encourage him to continue learning about key literacy areas. Bobby would benefit from more wide reading at home and making sure that all tasks are handed in on time.

Assessment of Student Progress                                                               Satisfactory

Student Progress is assessed using the following scale:

Excellent Progress/Very Good Progress/Good Progress/Satisfactory Progress/Little Progress/No Progress


Uses class time effectively


Listens to instructions


Completes homework

Little Progress

Behaves appropriately

Very Good






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