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                                                    Student Modified Report Writing Example 2.

Alternative Program in English

Teacher: Mr Jones

Name:  Tania S                                                                                                                                                                                            Form:  8B

Learning Goals

The learning goals included the understanding and application of key literacy skills. Focus was applied on reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and oral communication development

What Tania has achieved

Tania has been working on a program where the work requirements have been modified and/or completed with the help of an Aide and the classroom teacher. Tania has contributed in wide reading sessions, completed grammar worksheets and some essays. She completed a research report and oral presentation on The Freedom Writers of the 1960’s at an acceptable standard. Tania has made improvement in spelling and basic sentence structure formation. Tania’s ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ assignment was completed at a good level. Her writing folio included imaginative, persuasive and personal response pieces. A series of literacy worksheets focusing on grammar and punctuation were successfully completed throughout the semester.  She completed her text study at an acceptable standard demonstrating that plot, characterisation and related themes have been understood. Well done.

Areas for improvement/future learning

Tania has a basic command of written expression and is encouraged to further improve the content and structure of her writing with a greater emphasis on the planning and drafting stages of the writing process. Further improvement can be achieved by asking for assistance when necessary.

What you can do at home to help Tania’s progress

Tania can continue expanding her knowledge on topics covered in class by engaging in conversation with peers, family and friends about the tasks she is doing in English.

Assessment of Student Progress                                                                 Very Good

Student Progress is assessed using the following scale:

Excellent Progress/Very Good Progress/Good Progress/Satisfactory Progress/Little Progress/No Progress



Uses class time effectively

Very Good

Listens to instructions

Very Good

Completes homework


Behaves appropriately






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