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Teacher’s Job Application / Interview Panel Questions

Job Application Teacher Resources, Interview Preparation for Teaching Jobs, Online Teacher Recruitment,



After successfully completing all the requirements of submitting a resume and fulfilling the job description criteria the following may be some of the questions you will encounter with an interview panel.

1.    By using one recent example explain the process of preparing, structuring and implementing a unit of work within the classroom catering for the needs of a diverse range of student abilities.
2.    In your opinion what were the main components that resulted in successfully achieving the intended learning outcomes?

3.    Explain how you evaluated, assessed and measured the unit’s successful learning outcomes.

4.    Our educational facility contains a multicultural student population with diverse backgrounds. Levels of achievement, individual learning needs and interests vary on a social, educational and cultural basis. Explain the strategies and techniques you would incorporate in your teaching style to effectively achieve a nurturing educational environment for a diverse group of students?  
5.    What strategies were utilised in the preparation and structure to include High Performance Literacy and Numeracy and Multiple Intelligences methodologies in the unit of work?

6.    What is your experience with progressive ICT (Information Technology) methodologies in the classroom? How have you utilised current ICT practices in the classroom to enhance individual and class interactivity to encourage and engage student learning?

7.    Give an example where you utilised effective communication skills in a situation consisting of Faculty / Year Level / POLT / Curriculum teams. Outline the priority and /or issue and explain your contribution in achieving a successful conclusion.

8.    How would you describe your classroom management style? Please outline how you:

•    Develop and implement an equitable classroom management plan
•    Continually improve a positive student- teacher relationship
•    An effective reporting and documenting process that effectively encourages
•    Report and communicate student management matters to the Principal, Year Level Coordinator and follow up procedures after requested disciplinary measure referral.  

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