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When graduate or experienced teachers apply for full time work they need to understand how the process works for public schools. We must remember teachers are public servants. Often the roles (especially schools in the metro area) have already been filled by a favoured candidate (someone already working at that particular school) however, as it is the public sector, schools must advertise for candidates regardless.  It is a legal process where public schools are obliged to follow, but most of the time they already have a particular candidate for the job. Yes, it is unfair, wastes time for both parties and does discriminate prospective job seekers with no previous work affiliation with the school; unfortunately, most schools follow this employment practice. In the majority of cases, the unsuccessful candidate will not receive feedback or reasons why they were not chosen for the vacancy.

Usually, you can check if a school employs previous casual staff as permanent teachers.  A Google search using the successful applicant’s name and the educational institution will generally result in the successful candidate’s name appearing in a school newsletter, journal or magazine.  If this is the case, then you know they have successfully obtained permanent employment at that school.  It is highly likely that no other candidate really had a chance of securing that vacancy.

Teachers seeking work must be aware of the importance of continual networking, knowing how to effectively apply for vacancies and being continually proactive throughout the year when sourcing potential jobs. It is not an easy process; however, if you are serious about a career in teaching you have no choice. Casual Relief Teachers Advisory Service provides teachers with further information on this topic: 

Management rarely refer to resumes left in drawers or files. Today, principals and teachers utilise their laptops throughout the day, therefore your details must be available to be accessed instantly when required for prospective teaching jobs. Teachers need to be aware of recent staff changes or promotions concerning principal and daily organiser personnel. Roles usually change without notice and it is important the correct management personnel receive your resume and contact details. You need to forward your e-profile (ETA’s Teacher e-Profiles) or resume to principal and daily organiser personnel every month or so in order to have your contact details on their personal computers.  Teachers are even forming their own online micro profiles (Micro Quick Profile) to give them an advantage over the huge competition faced in the CRT environment.  

School management also require efficient and reliable online references Online Reference left by previous principals and daily organisers. This online feature offered by ETA is a very powerful online referee base. Principals prefer to employ teachers recommended by other principals, rather than recruitment agency staff.

Emergency Teachers Australia Online is the only teacher referral service in Australia offering this feature.

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Graduates and experienced teachers can use the situation as mentioned above to their benefit by applying to work on a CRT basis at the school knowing that school management employ teachers on their CRT list. At least in this manner, you will not be wasting your effort and time in the job application and interview process.

It is highly recommended that teachers ask school management if the job advertised is currently filled with a CRT or contract teacher. Most schools will reveal this information. If it is a case where a contract teacher or CRT staff has been temporarily filling this vacancy, expect stern competition or favouritism to exist when applying for similar vacancies.    

For example, if a short term contract is available and there is a CRT teacher who has been fulfilling contract vacancies at that school and their contract ends in the term prior and they are a perfect candidate for the new contract, the educational institution is not allowed to award it to that  teacher in that role. The education department must readvertise the position regardless, although that teacher will be more likely to obtain the position.  This means advertising the vacancy was a formality and that every one’s time has been wasted.

The message is clear.  Applying for the advertised public school jobs can often be pointless. We recommend teachers focus on networking with principals and daily organisers, get a CRT job within the school and establish your worthiness as a professional educator. This will confirm your credentials so that you are the obvious candidate for a specific job when vacancies arise in the future. In this manner, the principal or daily organiser will most likely encourage you to apply and this means your success rate in gaining the teaching job increases.

Staff at Emergency Teachers Australia (ETA) has written this article to inform and prepare graduate and experienced teachers returning to work about the competitive job environment. We have listened to your feedback and have responded by providing practical information to increase your job success. So, please use the social networking features on this web page to tell a friend.   

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