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ETA's Job Application Template Kit

Are you applying for jobs without reaching the interview stage?  Want to know why?

ETA have introduced the world’s first Teacher Job Application Kit, containing all four (4) essential example template documents required for structuring job applications.

The Job Application Template Kit was designed, compiled and tested by experienced teachers who have successfully obtained teaching positions.

Our employment resources provide an essential reference base when applying for vacancies. The examples contain information in answering and formatting specific Professional Standards criteria as outlined in job position descriptions. All educational institutions require candidates to satisfy teaching standards within their job application before progressing to the interview stage.

ETA’s aim is to provide you with job application insight and knowledge, gained only within the teaching profession and years of experience. From the initial job application phase to the continual professional development and Performance Review evaluation stages, our example templates will become an ongoing reference source for graduate and experienced teachers alike.

Contents for Purchase

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  • 1. Application for Teacher Position Cover Letter Use the precise educational terminology to successfully gain an interview. All contents are compiled, structured and tested by experienced educators who have successfully obtained teaching positions, without the need to continually re draft for each position description.
  • 2. Professional Practice Job Application Criteria Examples Successful job applications contain knowledge and information on: Classroom Teaching Practices, Curriculum Development & Professional Practice, Key Learning Areas & Assessment and Reporting, College and Community Relationships, College Development. Save time and money and submit the best Job application for your next position.
  • 3. Priorities of Learning Teaching - Component Map Be prepared for the interview by referring and engaging the panel to specific criteria discussion points. Successful Job interviews contain comprehensive knowledge and information on: Positive relationships developed through knowing and valuing students, promoting a culture of value and respect for the individual and community, strategies promoting students’ self confidence, ensuring student success through support, valuing effort and recognition of work. Be confident and prepared for the interview stage.
  • 4. Annual Review - Performance Development Stage 1 & 2 No more stressful situations when completing the Annual Review process. Relax and refer to ETA’s template information on specific criteria: Achievement in relation to Principles of Learning and Teaching, target indicators and strategies to achieve objectives and measure student learning, School Wide Pedagogy concerning VELS and/or State Government Curriculum Education Framework, High Performance Literacy and Classroom Management strategies.
  • 5. ETA Job Application Template Kit with all four (4) components An essential reference resource compiled and structured for professional educators pursuing promotional advancement and specific job placements. Cost effective and comprehensive. ETA’s resources provide valuable insight only obtained with years of experience and professional mentoring. The world’s first online Teacher Job Application Template Kit at an affordable price. Get the job on your first attempt!
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