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Terms & Conditions

"ETA" means Emergency Teachers Australia Pty Ltd its directors, employees, agents and contractors.

"Website" means the world wide web domain or website www.emergencyteachers.com.au and every webpage, and all content contained therein.

"Subscriber" means the member, subscriber, user, reader, participant or any other party or person who accesses the Website. This includes both teachers and childcare personnel subscribing to the Website for the placement of their user profile, and any potential school, childcare centre or institution accessing the Website to obtain referrals or bookings of teachers.

Each Subscriber of the Website and through membership, subscription, access and/or use thereof, expressly confirms the acceptance of such usage pursuant to this Agreement and the terms and conditions as contained herein.

Responsibility of Employers
Although ETA does provide a system from which schools can source relief teachers the relevant education departments and schools remain the employers and/or contractors, and the teachers are employed and/or contracted (and paid) by the relevant education department. Thus, they are bound by their educational and system guidelines. These guidelines are available direct from the relevant education authorities, and Subscribers are responsible for obtaining, confirming and accepting same.

Teachers sourced through the ETA system are required to act in a manner befitting of a representative of a professional recruitment organization.

However, although all due skill care and attention is taken by ETA in allowing and registering teachers on the Website, it does not warrant the suitability of any such person for any particular purpose. It takes no responsibility and waives all implied or other warranties as to the suitability or standard of any teacher booked through the Website. It does not employ or contract the teachers and is not their agent or representative for the purpose of any functions performed by them. ETA is only an agent for the booking of the services, and not the functions performed once booked through the Website.

Code of Conduct
Teachers when recruited through ETA should always refer positively in their communications with schools and or administration staff, act professionally and provide as many positive referrals as appropriate.

Any future bookings as determined by the school should be directed through the site and bookings for extensions or additional days should be made via the free EMAIL messaging system/ unavailability feature. This automatically updates the teacher profile contents and active for duty status. These updates will save the teacher time and keep the system efficient.

Any breaches of any of these terms and conditions will result in a cancellation of registration and banning of the user from subscription.

In addition, any teacher failing to attend as agreed or otherwise booked through the Website, or not able to perform their duties in an appropriate and expected professional manner will be DEREGISTERED FROM THE SITE.

No Subscriber shall be allowed to share registration details, or access codes or allow any other person or party to access the Website. Should this occur, subscription shall be immediately terminated. For the avoidance of doubt, each site, campus or locale of any educational institute and/ or childcare / learning centre shall be a single Subscriber to the Website and no educational institute and / or childcare/ learning centre shall be able to utilise a single registration with ETA to utilise the Website. Any multi-campus facility shall be required to individually subscribe to the Website.

It shall be the Subscriber’s responsibility to activate the Availability/ Unavailability indicator within their profile. ETA is not responsible if employers do not contact a Subscriber because the Subscriber has not activated its Availability status.

If a Subscriber gains full time, ongoing employment for one year or over, they must contact ETA to deactivate the employment status. ETA’s reputation relies on an efficient and reliable casual employment service. By not deactivating a status employers will continue to contact a Subscriber.

ETA has the discretion to cancel any subscription without notification.

ETA has the discretion in removing profile contents including the Performance Rating feature, Online Reference reports or any other content on the Website.

ETA’s principal administrators can erase Online References comments and Performance Rating results after a written request stating the reasons for the removal of unwarranted comments and/or results. ETA reserves the right to determine the legitimacy and removal of Online References and/or Performance Rating results after conducting an investigation process. Any derogatory comments of race, personality, sexual orientation will be automatically removed from the ETA site and cancellation of registration will be enforced.

Subscribers access to information.

Teachers can access school profiles and job listings only.

Childcare staff can access childcare profiles and job listings only.

Schools can access teacher profiles, job listings BUT NOT OTHER SCHOOLS OR CHILDCARE CENTRE profiles.
Childcare centres can access childcare staff profile, job listings BUT NOT OTHER SCHOOLS OR CHILDCARE CENTRE profiles.

Online Registration Fees

The online Registration is fee has been kept as low as possible and covers the cost of personnel electronically filing and processing of requisite documentation for profile listings on the Website. Registration fees are non refundable.

Schools and Childcare centres: Upon confirmation of payment your profile will be activated to use the website.  All details and profiles will remain on the website for up to (14) FOURTEEN DAYS.  Payment is required within this specified period, otherwise all your information will be removed from the website's records management system and the registration process will be repeated.  Our quality assurance process may restrict temporary access to some profiles.  All profiles be viewed after final moderator examination and approval of content, therefore allow 24 hours after confirmation of payment.

Education Institutions / Childcare centres will utilise the Job Offer Notification email process to contact staff but phone and sms can be utilised as a secondary source of contact.

Staff can ONLY send an expression of interest by emailing a Job Acceptance Response to the Educational Institution and/or Childcare centre. Staff can utilise phone and sms as a secondary source of contact to obtain further information concerning employment.

ONLY when the Educational Institution or Childcare centre has forwarded a Job Confirmation Response to teacher and/or childcare staff the booking is CONFIRMED for both parties.

The employer MUST employ the staff member if a Job Confirmation Response has been emailed to the candidate, as listed in the specific school/childcare centre, region, date, and time as recorded in the Job Offer Notification email. Teachers and / or childcare forwarding a Job Acceptance Response email MUST honour the employment agreement. The teacher and/or Childcare staff MUST satisfy the terms of the agreement within this document as specified in the Code of Conduct and Responsibility of Employers component . ETA has the right to cancel registration if the above email confirmation job agreement is not honoured by either party.

ETA shall NOT have the responsibility (nor ability) to renew STAFF bookings on the Website. The Website does not facilitate an automatic booking process concerning multiple dates. Each process must be completed individually.

Duties and professional teacher qualities would include but are not be limited to:

Many schools have a special instruction welcoming folder for relief teachers. ETA does not take responsibility for assessing resumes or screening qualifications and/or candidate capabilities. Educational/childcare centres have the responsibility to meet state and/or territory education dept requirements regarding professional and employment practices.

ETA ONLY provides an interactive candidate selection and booking database and referral service. For more details in respect to Teacher Roles and Duties please refer to your local Education Department policy documents and or the respective school sites.

ETA is an automated booking system and relies on registered users (Subscribers) to take all precautions and due diligence in the selection of prospective teachers and utilisation of the systems offered.

  • As part of the registration process teachers are required to provide information concerning their current teachers state registration details, certificates, qualifications, personal details, and authority to teach in the respective states they wish to teach in (eg Authority to TRT in South Australia and Queensland Registry Card).
  • Subscribers of emergencyteachers.com.au agree that an Online Teacher & Childcare Staff Profile will be created and available ONLY to registered ETA educational Institutions & childcare centre members. Teachers and childcare staff agree to be rated in accordance with the following terms ; excellent, very good, good, average, in the Performance Rating feature by educational institution / childcare centre personnel.
  • Teachers and childcare staff agree that teaching / childcare duties and/or work performance will be assessed and evaluated by comments in the Online Reference report, blog section by educational institutions / childcare centre personnel. Emergency Teachers Australia Pty Ltd does not grade, assess, evaluate, list comments or reports on educational institutions or staff profiles.
  • Teachers are only required to provide information marked with red asterisk to ETA as part of the ETA verification process it remains the responsibility of schools to undergo their own due diligence. Registered teachers have been asked to have these documents available for sighting when reporting for duty (if and when booked). Registered schools can view these documents in the teacher / staff profile for easy verification on request.
  • Schools are able to locate suitable teachers by searching the ETA database and obtaining a match. It remains the school responsibility to provide accurate search criteria and to then choose carefully the teachers they book.
  • The email Notification Service is provided by a third party (services provided to ETA for utilisation of the Website services it provides) and ETA expressly disclaims any liability to any person or corporation in respect of anything done or omitted to be done arising out of or in reliance to any part of this service. ETA does not warrant that email notification or any communication through the Website shall function correctly. Should any Subscriber not receive confirmation, then ETA takes no responsibility whatsoever.
  • ETA endeavours to ensure that the EMAIL functionality is normally available 24 hours a day. It may, however, suspend access to the Website without notice at any time and accepts no liability for any consequences from the Website being unavailable for any reason.
    For more details in respect to Teacher Roles and Duties please refer to your local Education Department policy documents and or the respective school sites.

Verification Requirements:
Below are listed the minimal requirements needed for verification. Schools may require further documentation and copies of these documents prior to or when you first report for duty or as further directed by your state authority.
As a teacher wanting emergency teaching appointments please note that registration as a teacher with the relevant state authority is a legal requirement to teach in all jurisdictions in Australia, except New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. In these states other provisions are in place. Prospective Relief Teachers are encouraged to refer to the websites of the relevant state authorities for requirements.

  • South Australia  
  • Your current Certificate of Teachers Registration
  • Current Combined TRT Authority and Acknowledgement Letter from DECS. This Authority only remains valid whilst your Teacher Registration, Employment Declaration, Mandatory Notification and First Aid for Centres and Schools are current.
  • Once the first expiry date is reached your Authority for TRT becomes invalid.
  • Please refer to "Teaching in South Australia Guidelines" or refer to the recruitment website http://www.decs.sa.gov.au/recruit.
  • You will need to present a copy of the Authority letter on reporting for duty at schools for the first time.
  • Details letter of your registration as an emergency teacher with Education Queensland or
  • Evidence of acceptance for employment by Queensland Catholic Education eg Catholic Education Application Letter for Employment (Stating your Identification Number) or
  • Queensland College of Teachers Registration Card (Name on register of teachers http://www.qct.edu.au/)
  • Refer to http://education.qld.gov.au
    Western Australia
  • WACOT (Western Australian College of Teaching ) Registered Teacher Certificate www.det.wa.edu.au
    New South Wales
  • Current Approval Letter verifying your eligibility for employment in NSW Government Schools from NSW Department of Education and Training. or
  • Current approval to teach as a casual or temporary in NSW
  • Please refer https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/employment/teachnsw
  • Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Registration Card and Approval to teach Letter
  • Please refer http://www.vit.vic.edu.au/
    Australian Capital Territory
  • Approval Letter to teach in the Australian Capital Territory OR
  • Teachers Registration ID Card
  • Please refer http://www.decs.act.gov.au/
    Northern Territory
  • Current Northern Territory Teacher Registration
  • Current Authority to Relief Teach in the NT as issued by the NT Education Authority
  • Please refer http://www.maps.deet.nt.gov.au/
  • Registered Teacher Card Tasmania
  • Authority to Relief Teach
  • Please refer http://www.education.tas.gov.au/

 Waiver of Representations as to Qualifications or functions
Whilst ETA does confirm the qualifications for any Subscriber teacher have been provided to it (and such information shall be provided in each teacher profile), it does not represent that it has performed any further due diligence or any ongoing check with any relevant authority. This is the responsibility of any Subscriber who makes a booking upon the attendance of the teacher at their institution or school. ETA shall not provide any refunds for false or inaccurate information provided to it by any Subscriber teacher, and expressly waives any and all liability for any cancellations caused by the failure of any teacher Subscriber to confirm qualifications to any institution or school to their satisfaction, or fail to renew any qualification required or fraudulently represent to ETA their qualifications upon the initiation of their profile on the Website.

ETA is not liable for any online payment gateway malfunction causing delay or disturbance to any Website services. ETA has second and third party host service providers, therefore is not responsible for delays to any Website services.

ETA expressly waives all liability and the Subscriber accepts that there shall be no liability for any malfunction, failure or other technical deficiency of the Website causing any failure to complete any booking through the Website. Nor shall ETA be responsible for any act or omission of any Subscriber performing any function at any time in any fashion other than the actual booking referral system to which ETA provides by utilisation by Subscribers of the Website.

Online Privacy Statement
ETA is committed to protecting the privacy of Subscriber personal information. This ETA Online Privacy Statement governs the collection, storage, use, access and disposal of data including all personal information obtained on the Website. Please take some time to read through this statement and understand our position on privacy.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to linked websites that are not ETA sites. When you link to another site we recommend you read the privacy statement of that site.
Collection of Information

ETA only collects:
1. Visitor logs and statistics; and
2. Information provided by Subscribers through online forms, registration, databases and feedback.
ETA sites gather statistics on Subscribers’ and users’ online experience. Information collected includes:

  • Visitor server addresses and domains
  • The times and dates the site was visited
  • The pages visitors accessed and files downloaded
  • Visitors’ browsers and operating systems
    The main purpose for collecting this information is to provide statistical information used for Website and system administration. The information does not identify individual users but does identify the computer that is used to access our sites.

Logged information is not disclosed outside of ETA Website web server components (who are similarly bound by confidentiality). We make no attempt to identify individuals from these records unless it is necessary to the investigation of a breach of law.

User Information
Where ETA or the Website site requires visitors to provide personal information when they engage in online activities, such as registering online, completing online forms and feedback, personal information collected may include a visitor’s first and last name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.

Any personal information collected is used for the purpose of providing on-line services and monitoring same. All ETA staff have a legal duty to protect the privacy of your personal information and ensure it is used only for the purpose to which you have agreed.

ETA does not make available Subscribers’ or users’ personal information to other organisations or individuals. Personal information is handled in accordance with Victorian privacy legislation and is stored and disposed of in accordance with ETA’s record keeping policy (a copy of which can be obtained by request).

ETA does not guarantee secure transmission of data transmitted via its Website. If you have any concerns about providing the personal information asked for please call ETA on 1300 856 195 and ETA can make arrangements to suit you.

Do not provide any secure personal information online such as a password or credit card number or information that you wish to keep confidential. If you would like to access your personal information or to amend or correct it please contact ETA Online Publishing Unit on 1300 856 195

Use of ETA site
The ETA secure Website, which requires a username and password for access verification, gathers information on a Subscribers’ and users’ online experiences, ONLY through the online registration process and the password allocated by ETA.

Please keep your access codes secure and confidential.
Use of Cookies ( Take from other sites )
Cookies are small text files which are generated by our servers and stored onto your computer. They allow us to recognise when you return to certain sites and allow us to register user preferences.

ETA does not generally build websites that involve the use of cookies. Where a ETA site uses cookies, this will be indicated within the privacy statement on that Website (or any webpage within the Website where applicable).

On ETA websites or web pages that do use cookies, a cookie is sent from our server and automatically placed on your computer without notification. Personal preferences or information may be stored in the cookie which is then sent back to the server on completion of the session. Cookies may be turned off within your browser, however, this may make some sites unusable. More information on cookies can be found on Cookie Central (http://www.cookiecentral.com/)
Online Privacy Statement Comments

ETA welcomes your comments regarding this Privacy Statement. If you believe that any ETA materials, actions, or the Website has not adhered to this Statement please contact ETA by email, telephone or mail.

Emergency Teachers Australia Pty Ltd
Address: PO Box 422, Thomastown, Victoria, 3074.
Fax: 1300 856 295
Telephone: 1300 856 195
For further information regarding Privacy, view the Victorian Information Privacy Act 2000

1. Pegboard CMS has 2 dedicated secure user databases: Front end security and CMS security. These databases offer complete segregation of user permissions and user rights assignment.
2. All information submitted by end users that is to be made publicly available, is moderated and approved by the website administrator prior to it being displayed on the live website.
3. Pegboard does not store end users credit card details, instead all Payment Card Information is held within the session created during the payment process, after which it is discarded.
4. During the Payment process, the end user session is protected by an individual 128Bit Encrypted Secure Socket Layer tunnel between the webserver and the end users web browser protecting all information passed from the client to the server.
5. The web site is protected by a Hardened firewall.
6. There are no vendor default passwords in use.
7. The web server operating system is updated with all known fixes to vulnerabilities and updates.
8. There is no unprotected or unsecured direct access to system databases or servers
9. All a web applications are process isolated.
10. CAPTCHA’s (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.) are used to protect submission forms from Bots.

ETA may modify this agreement at any time, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon web posting of the modified agreement. A Subscriber shall be obligated to renew its agreement every time such changes occur and a Subscriber’s continued access or use of the Website shall be deemed to be conclusive acceptance of the modified agreement.

Acceptable Use Policy
While using this Website and/or Website-related services, a Subscriber agrees to comply with all applicable laws, policies, terms and conditions related to the Website and all Website-related services.

It is a condition of using the Website that a Subscriber does not:

  • defame, abuse, stalk, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others, including rights relating to privacy;
  • transmit any message, data, image or program, which is indecent, obscene or pornographic;
  • transmit any message, data, image or program that would violate the property rights of others, including unauthorised copyrighted text, images or programs, trade secrets or other confidential proprietary information;
  • interfere with the rights of others to use the Website;
  • transmit any file which contains viruses, worms, "Trojan horses" or any other contaminating or destructive features;
  • use the facilities and capabilities of the Website to conduct any activity or solicit the performance of any illegal activity;
  • impersonate or falsely represent your association with any person or organisation;
  • use, reproduce, sell, resell or otherwise exploit any of the Website services for commercial purposes;
  • attempt to modify, adapt, translate, sell, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of the Website, including the use of automated tools; or
  • access or attempt to access information resources users are not authorised to use.

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